Plessey Woods

Chorus: Ev’rybody get your duds
We’re gannin doon to Plessey Woods
See the squirrels in the trees
Plessey Woods the place for me

It’s colours change throughout the year
In springtime yellow’s ev’rywhere
From the golden daffodils
From Hartford Bridge to Plessey Mills


In summer ev’rything is green
Up the hills and down the Dene
In autumn leaves turn to brown
Before they fall down to the ground

Music & lyrics by Wilf Mitford

From The Mitford Family album Grab a Granny Neet (MM03), Geordie & Northumbrian (MM07) & Geordie Greats Volume Three (MM10)
Credits: Julia Mitford, Vocals; Wilf Mitford, Guitar; Pamela Mitford, Penny Whistle; Recorded by J McGovern at Project Studios, Newcastle Upon Tyne 1st August 1989

Plessey Woods sits between our hometown Cramlington and the picturesque historic town of Morpeth. When the weather was nice and we needed some fresh air we would go there for a walk. I don’t remember it being a particularly regular walk – we weren’t the outdoorsy type, but I have vivid recollections of that woodland smell.

These days, Plessey Woods Country Park as it’s formally known, seems to have regained its popularity after the installation of an art trail. Most of my friends who have kids have a photo of them sitting behind a drumkit made from big blocks of wood or building a shelter out of sticks.

Find out more about Plessey Woods at;

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