Mitford Family Albums

As this blog is very much a work in progress I’m using this page to keep track of a number of things related to our albums.  Firstly I’m trying to track down all our various albums, album covers, & track listings, so I’m documenting here the ones I’ve found as I’ve found them.  Eventually you’ll be able to access all of the recordings for each album.  Secondly I’m hoping to track down the various different recordings of each song as I’m sure there will be multiples.  Thirdly I’m trying to keep track of where older recordings were re-used in compilations.   This is a labour of love to document both the songs of my Dad, Wilf Mitford, but also our recording & performing career. Continue reading

Welcome to the Mitford Music blog

My dad is a songwriter from the North East of England.  He’s been writing songs since he was a teenager.  He started with pop tunes but really made his mark with his folk songs documenting important events in the North East and aspects of daily life.  I’ve been keen to type up his songs so figured I would kill two birds with one stone and do it as a blog!  I hope you find this journey as interesting as I do.

Mitford Music was the name of our record label when we recorded some of this music as a family band.  I’ll talk about that more as the blog develops so stay tuned.

Julia Mitford Child

Dad teens