My name is Julia Mitford Child.  My dad, Wilf Mitford is a songwriter from the North East of England.  I’m a librarian based in Sydney and spent the first 10 years of my library career as a Music Librarian.  I’m also a singer, but didn’t managed to get the songwriting / composition gene sadly.  Dad has been writing songs since he was a teenager.  He started with pop tunes but really made his mark with his folk songs documenting important events in the North East and aspects of daily life.  I’ve been keen to type up his songs so that they’re not lost, so figured I would kill two birds with one stone and do it as a blog!  I hope you find this journey as interesting as I do.

Mitford Music was the name of our record label when we recorded some of this music as a family band in the 1980s before Dad became too unwell to work and continue his professional music ventures.  I’ll talk more about the adventures of ‘Concordia’, ‘The Mitford Family’ and ‘Mitford Music’ as the blog develops so stay tuned.

If you’re interested by this blog and want to get in touch please feel free to contact me at mitfordmusic@outlook.com

Please note that all songs are the copyright of Wilf Mitford and can be used only as per the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License – for more details go to http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/
Creative Commons License

Dad teens

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  1. Just had lunch sitting next to your dad. I had seen the family perform waaay back… so it was an interesting 1/2 hour. Hope you and your family are all well Julia.


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