Mitford Genealogy

The Mitford name is a famous one.  Many will have heard of, or read books by, The Mitford Sisters.  There’s also a town near Morpeth called Mitford which is home to Mitford Castle and an old Manor House.  My father, Wilf, has over the years told a recurring joke from his days working for Newcastle City Council.  One lunchtime his supervisor enquires “Where’s Mitford?”.  And the response from his coworkers?  “Just outside of Morpeth!”  Says his supervisor – “What the hell is he doing there?”.  Dad swears this is a true story and has dined on it for years.

Whilst the Mitford Sisters and the town of Mitford are connected to nobility, alas we think our Mitford line is not.  It’s more likely that our ancestors were poor folk who took the name from their home town as was common in that era.

And so this interest in the family name has taken me on a genealogy search.  I’ll post my family group sheets here for other genealogists and as an archive of the family tree.

Use these links to access group sheets for key members of the family;