From Seaton Sluice to Sydney

I was born in Newcastle on the Tyne
I’ve lived in Northumbria all the time
But now I must leave
Friends and family don’t you grieve
In Australia I’ll be doing fine

From Seaton Sluice to Sydney, it’s a long long way
And I can’t guarantee that I’ll be back some day
So if you’ve got a message you wish to convey
I’m only a phone call away
Just like I was in Whitley Bay

Yes the time has come for me to go
From the people and the places that I know
To Australia’s Eastern Shore
Geordieland I’ll see no more
As I head for my future down below

When the snow falls down at Christmas time
I’ll be many thousand miles from the Tyne
No turkey roast for me,
I’ll be swimming in the sea
On Bondi Beach in the warm sunshine

Written by Wilf Mitford

After I moved to Australia in 2008 my dad put pen to paper to write this song about my departure.  Dad’s not generally one to be sentimental and doesn’t do big farewells, but when I came home for a visit one year he was keen to introduce me to this new song but didn’t quite get a chance.  When it seemed I might be leaving without hearing it he decided to bring his guitar to the airport and sing it to me.  I don’t think he quite intended it to be a big emotional moment, but it was!!  Imagine leaving your family and friends to return to your life overseas and your dad starts singing this to you in the departures lounge.  You could have scraped me off the floor!

My emigration has been inspiration for a few songs for Dad, which I’ll add soon.  I try to get home as often as I can.  Here’s me with Dad (Wilf), my mum & Sis, my daughter Erin and my niece Keira in 2011 when we came home to introduce Erin to the family.


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